Director’s Note

This year is the 96th anniversary of the Scopes Trial and the 32nd year of a Scopes Trial reenactment. I was involved in the very first play and remained part of it for 20 consecutive years, first as Tom Stewart, then Clarence Darrow for the next 19 years. I also was director the last five of those years. The reenactment has evolved over the years, and continues to do so; this year is no different, primarily due to Covid. 

Because we were unsure of the production happening until the last couple of months, this version is a scaled-down model. But it tells the story and gets to the meat of the how and why the trial came about. I want to thank Rick Dye and Tom Davis for getting this back up and going, and also for the opportunity to be asked to step back in as director along with portraying William Jennings Bryan. And a big thank you to the cast for their heart and drive to make this happen. I hope you, the audience, can take with you some of our history from our small town and see that the issues that were debated in 1925 are still being debated today.

Thank you, and enjoy the show.
Tony McCuiston

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